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10,000 FREE photographs for your website!

This week I was searching for a small selection of photographs in an orange hue and came across this really neat website, FindA.Photo offering free stock photographs, which is great, but the stand out feature is the search functionality, allowing you to search for photographs by colour, using a really simple colour bar. How cool is that!

This works especially well if you require photographs of a certain shade, I like things to be colour co-ordinated, so this site speaks directly to my inner "wannabe" designer. The super easy layout of the website is extremely appealing, lovely white space and clean visuals make this site very easy to navigate.

My first search under ‘Orange’ resulted in over 400 photographs in various shades of orange, so plenty to choose from. have a catalogue of 10,000 completely free stock photos sourced from Unsplash, Jay Mantri, Barn Images, Free Nature Stock, Pictography and many others. The images are great quality and plenty of categories to choose from. You can follow FindAPhoto on Twitter @FindAPhoto

Search Options

Five search options are available, my personal favourite of course being the colour bar, but there is also a standard search box, and options to search by Collection, Source and Recent Images.

Red and Yellow and Pink and Green

Once you've selected a photograph in the colour of your choice, you'll notice an extra colour bar to choose from, depending on the colours in your photograph, the selection will be greater. This is a great feature, providing a greater range of colours, this especially appeals to my way of working.

FindA.Photo searches several CC0 (Creative Commons 0 or basically "No Rights Reserved") websites, which are all FREE to download. I'm loving this site, and I've become just a little bit obsessed with the colour bar!

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