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How Pizza Express use Personalised Video and Social Media

A few days ago my husband and I had lunch at Pizza Express. It was a nice mid afternoon treat while the children where at School and Nursery. I went for my standard Chicken pizza and my husband, opted for a special from the Christmas Menu. The restaurant was decorated in a festive theme, shiny pizza decorations on the walls and a glass jar with Christmas lights inside sitting on the table. The glass jar, was trendy and cool, and what caught my eye was a little tag with a QR Code.

I'm a sucker for a good deal, and trying out Pizza Express Special Christmas Treat was a no brainer.

I scanned the QR code with my Facebook Messenger and typed in #ShakeTheTree, and via a Chat Bot conversation received my super cool personalised video.

Personalised Video

Personalised Video show your audience they’re not just a number, you are able to connect with each person by embedding their unique details into a video. If you are a Facebook user you would have come across plenty of personalised videos, one of their campaigns, highlighting the users most popular posts and pictures since they joined, was a huge success, which over 200 million people downloaded, watched and then shared their own personalised version.

Pizza Express

“We want to make every customer’s journey with us as simple as possible. So being able to book a table or download a voucher without leaving the [Facebook] Messenger app makes things very easy" - Tim Love, Social Media Senior Manager.

The Pizza Express video, is a combination of Chat Bots, Personalisation and Social Media, and within the first two weeks, it had *75,000 players and was projected to reach 100,000 by end of week three (or around 7% of its customers).

“People are on their phones when in our restaurants and are happy to spend time on their phone interacting with Pizza Express, which represents a big opportunity for us." - Tim Love, Social Media Senior Manager.

Pizza Express have tapped into an everyday customer trait and tempted us with free prizes and gifts by using our love of mobile phones and social media to enhance our customer experience. Next time your at Pizza Express, why not try out their innovative way to engage with customers, and who know's you might even win a prize!

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