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12 of the of the best chocolatey inspired twitter names

Chocolate, I love it, as I'm writing this blog I'm tucking into a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar. Although other brands are available. There are plenty of ways to celebrate the creamy goodness, World Chocolate Day, occurs globally every year on July 7. Or unless you live in my house it occurs on daily basis! There is also Chocolate Week, the UK's biggest celebration of chocolate.

I'm very partial to chocolate (in any form cake, biscuits, fudge I'm not fussy) when I was growing up, my nickname was 'Chocolate'.

And no that's not because I regularly consumed chocolate, it was a play on my name and the chocolate treat, chocolate eclair. I even had a personal email address to reflect my nickname and love of chocolate,, but sadly it was hacked and compromised and I no longer have access, cue sad face.

There are plenty of chocolate lovers out there in the world of social media and to help celebrate Chocolate Week, I've compiled a list of the best chocolatey inspired twitter handles, from cute, funny and totally outrageous.

The Chocolate Cafe's twitter handle is simple and to the point.

Award winning Independent Chocolate Company, Chocolate Shop, and Licensed Cafe. Tweets by @PMPaulMorris Instagram THE_CHOCOLATE_CAFE

This very cheeky twitter handle is owned by John Kapos from

Creator of #Chocolate #Sweets #Coffee #Periscope Tips #Entrepreneur #Biz advisor for Retail Wholesale Manufacture.

This twitter handle name brings thoughts of Yummy chocolates and warm hugs.

Mama Ganache Artisan Chocolates, ethically-sourced handcrafted chocolate on the sunny central coast of California

Artisan Chocolate feed, is a handy little chocolate finder, allowing you to find Artisan Chocolate products near you. Where can I find your chocolate near me? says every customer. We help small brands build Store Locators (Coffee, Chocolate, Tea, Spirits, Natural). Join Us!

A sexy and raw twitter handle, this evokes images of stylish and sleek chocolate.

Handcrafted Artisan Chocolates and French Macarons. Handmade éclairs, caramels, sponge toffee, marshmallows

This twitter feed isn't about chocolate, it's about music, but the name is still cool.

also @DisfiguringTheG …

A twitter feed totally dedicated to images of yes, you guessed it, chocolate, a very memorable twitter handle and very cheeky, love it! Welcome to the land of chocolate. Where we only post the most delicious chocolate treats & @heaIthychoices recipes on my favs enjoy

Love this twitter name, a play on words with a diary twist. Organic whole milk chocolate bars with fun crunchy whole-grain flavours. Join the MOOvement!!!!

CheeseCaked is a gourmet Cheesecake bakery, ok so technically not chocolate, but they do have super yummy flavours including chocolate! White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl, Apple Pie, Red Velvet, Pink Lemonade.

I really like this fun twitter handle for a cupcake bakery. Chocolate Ganache, Cream Cheese Frosting, Hazelnut Mousse, Vanilla Buttercream..

A twist on a Molly Ringwald's 16 candles and one of my favourite 1980's film, super cool twitter name. #FlauntYourFlavor by getting frozen yogurt your way. 16 flavors on tap at each store daily + an endless topping bar.

Follow @16Handles

I just had to include this twitter handle, this feed has nothing to do with chocolate, but it does 'bring it', with Willy Wonka's superb sense of humour. Oh, you have swag? I bet that looks great on a resume.

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