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Five awesome resumes

Resumes, blah, they can be so boring. A standard word document, bullet points, and the dreaded times new roman font. Then there are the other factors, should I keep it to one page? Do I put a summary? Do I include personal interests and volunteering jobs? What about a photograph or personal references? But do we have to keep to this format? I say no, let's start a resume revolution, stand out from the crowd and go for something interesting and memorable.

Did you know, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

Let's work with those statistics and make our resumes visually exciting! I've created two online resumes, one for myself and the other for Christana Petrou, Digital Retail Expert. Apart from the two I've created, I've also put together three other resume designs which I think look super fantastic.

Milena Filipova

My Top Tip when creating your resume, whether in a word document or stepping out and creating a stylised resume, ensure your Linkedin Profile and your resume compliment each other and have the same information.

Untitled design.png

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