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Being an influencer comes with social responsibility

Every once in a while you hear a story which resonates with you, empowers you and fills you with positivity. I had the privilege of hearing Lisa Dawson speak at an event hosted by HeyHuman, focusing on social media, “Log On or Log Off” with my colleague Matthew Smith. Social media and digital content are the basis of my career, so I’m firmly in the "Log On" camp.

Hey, Lisa Dawson

Lisa shared her story of how she came to be an Instagram Influencer; inspiring, positive and full of enthusiasm, her story took us on a journey of how she drove her passion and skill for interior design, growing her 30 Instagram followers into business capturing a niche market. Which, when all said and done, is not an easy thing to do, it takes hard work, talent and creativity.

“Who would have thought, a mum of three in her 40’s could have a new career in social media and be an Influencer” - Lisa Dawson

Her message, and it’s one I believe as well, is to be authentic and true to your brand. Your Social media followers can instantly spot a phoney, and will call you out publicly. Lisa now has built a dedicated community on Instagram, over 113,000 followers and is continuing to grow her digital presence.

“Being an influencer comes with social responsibility” - Lisa Dawson

For me, hearing Lisa speak, again reaffirmed the path destiny had taken me on, although difficult at the time, has led me in the right direction.

In 2011 I was made redundant while on maternity leave, and during that time became obessed with LinkedIn, then Facebook and Twitter, I eventually built my own website, and started blogging on topics close to my heart: social media, women In leadership and digital disruption. Made redundant again in 2016, this time while pregnant, made me stronger and more determined. I’m now working for a Global Technology company running their global digital content strategy. I draw my confidence from other successful, talented and strong women like Lisa Dawson.

It’s important for you to reach and strive to be the best that you can be, and like another great inspiration of mine, Elizabeth Valentine once said “be a curious, thirsty learner”. Thanks Lisa, and to all the other strong, insightful and courageous women, for your words of wisdom and inspiration.


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