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Facebook and posting photo's of your Friends

It's Friday night, your out with a group of pals having a few drinks and enjoying yourself, one of the group has been snapping photo's all night, cool, it's nice to see photo's, that is until all the photos have now ended up on facebook, including those photo's towards the end of the night when your perhaps not looking so fresh. So how do you feel about this? Not impressed? Not bothered at all? A bit annoyed? If you're not happy with these images, have you asked your friend to remove the photos?Let's hope they do, but do they do this on a regular basis?

Claire Roper, 9 ways to post photographs on Facebook

The Law

The law surrounding posting photographs of other people online is a gray area, each situation can vary, see my previous blog post, Old School - Posting Historical Photographs online, for the legalities about it. But, in the meantime without involving any lawyers or quoting Facebook's terms and condition on privacy, here's a few tips for those pesky paparazzi friends.

1. Ask and you shall receive Sometimes we take a bad photo or look a little bit worse for wear, check with your friend first before you publish. This could be the perfect excuse to get together for a catch up (over a glass of wine) and review the photos. 2. Email them Use good old fashioned email and send the photos to your mates - you'll soon let you know which images are keepers. 3. Private message on Facebook Don't want to use email, drop them a private message on Facebook with images attached. 4. Crop it, or drop it! It's happened before, you look amazing but your friend didn't quite achieve perfection, don't post the photo, crop your pal out. 5. Stink Eye There are several online tools available to remove red eye, don't post photos of your friend looking like a demon. Red-Eye Remover on Foto or Online Red Eye Removal. 6. More is Less You don't need to post every photo from your night out, just the top 5! (After you've checked with your friends first). 7. Caught on camera If you took a video of your friends, maybe they were busting some shapes or singing karaoke, don't share publically, facebook allows you to share a post to selected friends only, same goes for any dodgy photos! 8. Private Album If you do go ahead and upload the photographs, make it a private album, it's pretty easy to do and your friends will be able to review without everyone seeing any bad photos. 9. Share your photos for approval Take advantage of free cloud storage, with tools such as Dropbox or iCloud, you can then invite your pals to specific folders and ask for comment on the photos you took.

Don't annoy your human friends by trying to impress your virtual friends with all the 'cool' photo's you took on your last night out, take a quick moment to think about what you are posting.


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