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Facebook Strategy for Small Businesses

Creating a digital marketing strategy for your small business is vital to ensure you are keeping your marketing goals on track, your overall strategy doesn't need to be complicated, but it needs to include a breakdown on individual social media platforms you are using. Each social media platform has it's own individual and unique audiences and functionality.

Facebook is one of the most popular and cost effective social media platforms for small businesses.Your business will find it's easy to use, has an effective advertising functionality and a great analytics tool.

Facebook strategy for small businesses, Claire M Roper

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Simple tips to help small businesses create a Facebook Strategy:


Without goals, it can be hard to monitor your Facebook strategy. creating Facebook goals can help you keep on track. Think about your business strategy and use those to help mould your goals, I would recommend having approximately four to five goals.

Some goals you might consider; Strengthen Brand Awareness, Build a Relationship with your Audience and Generate Leads and Conversions

Measurements and Analytics

Facebook's insights offers you a great selection of analytics which you can use to measure your success. Take the time to understand what the analytics section offers you as this can help shape your marketing content.

Use the analytics page to help determine the best time of day to post content. You might like to read Facebook Boost, how to engage with followers on a budget.