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Rise of the Infographics

Infographics - I can't get enough of them! Any shape and size, I think an infographic is a great way of telling a story. So much more interesting to read than a white paper. And now everyone can create an infographic, there are plenty of online tools available to make your life easier and your infographic funky! I recently created a couple of infographics, A Quick Guide to understanding the Kiwi Language (Below) and Global Flip Flop Migration.

Claire Roper, Rise of the Infographics

I used a free online tool called and it certainly was very easy! Offering the user options to create an infographic from scratch or edit an already existing template, make things very, very easy. Using the tool is a simple drop and drag into a WISIWIG screen.

I had a great time exploring the options and it didn't take me long (all of 5 minutes, if that) to get the hang of it and only an hour to create my first infographic.

Once you've finished your masterpiece you can simply download as a PDF, share on Twitter or Facebook or embed the code in your website or blog. I'm also going to make the code available for other bloggers or web designers to embed into their own websites or blogs. If you'd like to view the blog entry, click here.

I totally recommend it's a fantastic tool, which produces a very polished and professional looking Infographic!


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