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Why I Love Halloween And You Should, Too!

Do you theme your blog posts and social media campaigns around holidays, current events or topical news stories? I've published two blogs this year which are Halloween inspired, "How to kill Halloween Monsters" and "How to survive a Zombie attack on the Kapiti Coast". Personally, I like a bit of a themed blog or social media campaign, especially if its creative!

63% of millennials say they stay updated on brands through social networks, which is one reason the big brands invest time and money into some very creative themed campaigns.

So in the spirit (oh yes I did) of Halloween, here's my top pick of spook-tactular social media campaigns...

“Spooky Car Wash Prank” (2014) by Ford

This is super scary, I'm a very jumpy person and my nerves would be a wreck! Well done to Ford who invoked the spirit of Halloween and came up with the concept of the Spooky Car Wash. Since being released on YouTube, this video has been viewed more than 1.7 million times, and has been named one of the “World’s Most-Shared Halloween Ads. Terrifying...

Zombie Attack

This infographic from REI, is genius, a Zombie Survival guide which teaches you five skills to survive an attack. This is bang on trend with the popularity of The Walking Dead and World War Z. Check out the the infographic in full detail. Haunted Booking

This campaign by is fantastic! The brand (a hotel booking site), came up with a genius campaign called "Haunted". They picked the most haunted hotels from their database, branded them with horror stories and macabre posters, for example, from the film the Shining is The Stanley hotel.

When visiting the website you started your spooky experience with music, graphics, flickering lights which lead you to room 410 with a call to action button simply saying...“Stay if you dare”.


Like a cheeky drink at Halloween, +Tesco 2012 Hallowine twitter party would have been right up your street. During this campaign, they tweeted Halloween-themed questions and teasers to their followers using the hashtag #HalloWine. All those who retweeted the invite were entered into a draw to win prizes.


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