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Creating an Awesome Headline on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Headlines come in many different forms

Different Linkedin members focus their headlines in different ways. Your headline is super important, because it will tell other Linkedin users who you are and what you do in one quick glance. You don’t have to use your current job title, you can be a little more adventurous or creative and promote a Headline which is more on theme with your own personal brand.

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Why should I create an Awesome Headline?

When you use the advanced search option, you’ll be presented with a list of Linkedin users, which will show their profile photo and headlines. And that is all you’ll be able to see, and on this basis this is what will drive people to decide to click through to your full profile. Getting that headline right (combined with your Profile Photo) is important to create engagement!

Stand out from the crowd!

Using an awesome headline will show off your creative side and put a little human voice back into your Linkedin profile. For instructions on how to edit your Headline, check out Linkedin’s Editing Your Professional Headline.

Top Tip - When you are in edit mode on your own profile, click on the pencil next to your headline, LinkedIn offers two helpful options, "Show Examples" and "See what others in your industry are using". Click on the options and see if you can find a headline you really like, rather than using the default option.

Your Personal Headline

Using a clear and easy to read headline will be more effective. If you work in Digital Marketing expand a little, I’m a Digital Marketing Manager, but that can be quite a broad subject, so I should choose something like “Digital Marketing Manager specalising in Social Media and Content Creation”

Examples of effective Linkedin Headlines