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Don't get Bombed, How To Manage your Linkedin Endorsements

Another great LinkedIn tool are your skills and endorsements. These are a really good way for your 1st-degree connections to publically recognise your skill set with just one simple click.

Skills and endorsements can also be managed by you to ensure they reflect your latest role, I’ve recently updated my skills to reflect my role in Social Media and Digital Marketing. Most of your connections will endorse you for your genuine skill set, and this is great, I love it when my connections recognise my skills and endorse me, and I like to return the favour as well. But there are occasions when you can be endorsed for some pretty weird skills.

What if I get an endorsement which is just plain weird?

You’ve heard people talk about it and you may have seen it yourself, being endorsed for some pretty wild skill sets which don’t match your career, it's known as Endorsement Bombing. What should you do? You are unable to delete an endorsement, but you can hide it. Simply clicking the pencil to the right of one of your skill sets and from there you will be able to manage your endorsements.

Is Endorsement Bombing a Myth?

No I’m afraid it’s not, it’s a ‘thing’! What is Endorsement bombing, this is where you endorse other Linkedin members for random skills, such as Cat Herding or Zombies. While this is initially quite funny, I certainly wouldn’t recommend you do this for any of your connections, it’s unprofessional, I personally feel it undermines the person you are endorsing.

Here are some Unusual Endorsements

I certainly don't recommend you endorse any of your connections for inappropriate skill sets, as they might not find it funny. But, for a bit of giggle here are some already existing endorsements on Linkedin.




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