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6 Tips to Increase your LinkedIn Connections

I've been actively trying to increase my Linkedin connections, and I'm starting with looking back through my working history and connecting with old colleagues.

I started with my first job and I'm slowly working my way through my career. And to be honest, it's like a trip down memory lane, remembering old faces and names and reminising on my career over the years. It's been a very effective way to increase my network, and over the past week I've increased my connections by over 100 people and the total is still rising.

Connecting with your former colleagues is a simple and free way to increase your connections, and there are several ways you can go about finding them.

Your Memory!

If you can remember the names of the people you used to work with, start typing their names into the standard search bar and let the connecting begin.

Advanced Search

Use this to search for the company name, the results will show in list form, search the list and see what names jump out at you.

Review a former Colleagues Connections

This isn't always available as not all Linkedin Connections allow you to review their personal connection list, but if they do, why not have a quick look and see if there is anyone you remember.


Does your old company have an active group specifically created for employees? This is a great place to reconnect with old colleagues. Use the search function and see what you can find.

Company Search

You are also able to do a company search on Linkedin, which will bring up the company profile, on the right hand side will be details on employees, by clicking 'See All' you can review a list of people who still currently work in this orginisation and potential connections!

Follower Statistics

I took a look at my Statistics, which breaks down my followers into three catergories Seniority, Industries and Regions. Under Seniority, although I'm not specifcally searching for connections with senior positions, the majority of my connections fall into that category. I'm very happy with my Industry break down, as the majority of my connections fall into "Information Services & Technology" and under Regions, the majority are in the UK and Australia. (I spent five years living in Sydney).

Have fun connecting with your past and present colleagues, who knows who you'll find!

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