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Digital Marketing is Baked into my DNA

I love social media and Digital Marketing, I thrive on being innovative and pushing boundaries using digital and social tools. I'm super passionate about social and love having the experience to work with facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Google+, blogging and YouTube.

Digital Marketing is really exciting and it's amazing that I get to work with technology and discover new ways to enhance products and increase leads. It’s vital to create a smooth customer experience on all Social Media and digital Platforms. Ensuring your customers can engage with a range of interesting, fun and exciting content. Social media and Digital Marketing are totally baked into my DNA.

My Loaf affair with Technology 🍞

I started my career in social media with Linkedin in 2009, using this platform as a source of revenue and lead generation while working at a Financial consultancy company, and since then I've been hooked! Check out more of My Story

Muffin Ventured, Muffin gained 🎂

11 tips to help you smash that powerpoint presentation. How many presentations have you sat through and thought you'd loose the will to live. Slides can make or break your presentation, and using a standard out of the box powerpoint slides is a sure-fire way to lose your audience within seconds. If your smart, powerpoint can be cool.

Hello, is Brie you're looking for? 🧀

The Best Thing that’s Happened to me because of Social Media. In the 1950’s, after a family disagreement, my Uncle John ran away from home and joined the circus. Years later we heard through the family grapevine he died in the early 1980’s. Fast forward to 2005 and my father and I were researching the family tree, we wanted to get in touch with John's son Jules, I found out from my father that he had been a model in the 1990's in Sydney, Australia. Find out what happened.

I’m kind of a big dill 🌱

15 Female Digital Influencers on Twitter. There are millions of people to follow on twitter, and finding those people who interest you can be a tricky task, I'm interested in Social Media and social strategy, Digital Marketing, Online Tools, Technology (Specifically CRM tools), marketing automation and content creation, and have worked hard to find people who interest me.

Don’t go Baking my heart 💔

The End of Email? #ReplyToAll. 9.00am, you sit down at your desk with your lovely hot cuppa, log on to your computer and check your email, you sigh at every "Reply to All" and unnecessary "CC", delete the spam, accept the meeting invitations and wonder if any of these flagged emails have been BCC’d? A Paperless Office?

Can you Rise to the Challenge

#ChatterChallenge - A Twitter Campaign. The #ChatterChallenge was a successful twitter campaign I created while working at a +Salesforce implementation company as the Digital Marketing Manager. At this company, we were huge users of a tool called Chatter. Can you take the Challenge?

Piece of Cake 🍰

Pow! The Power of Powtoon. I'm always on the look out for fantastic online tools to use in campaigns, (especially if they offer a free option), I've been dabbling with animation tools, and so far my top choice if PowToon. It's super cool and sooooo easy to use!

Flour Power 🌻

In One Word What Is The Biggest Challenge Facing Social Media In Business? I recently joined a new group on LinkedIn, and one of the most popular discussion was "In one word what is the biggest challenge facing social media in business" - it's a great discussion, and had over 1,000 comments.

Sieving the Dream


Content Marketing Lessons we can Learn from South Park. Kenny's Death is a running gag in the popular cartoon, South Park. His death changes from episode to episode and creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker always keep their fans guessing how Kenny is going to meet his demise each week. South Park is an excellent example of content marketing.

Just Dough it

One Big Stinky Lesson in Digital Marketing we can learn from the creator of Poo-Pourri. Content that evokes emotion is very powerful, and if you can make people laugh, then chances are people will love your brand.

You’d butter believe it

Seven Statistics you should consider When creating Cartoon Images. Comic strips, graphic novels, and cartoons are extremely popular, with sharp cool images, interesting story lines and edgy characters they can be a pretty awesome way to create a story.

Life is what you bake it

Children v Colleagues - What Is The Best Excuse You've Ever Heard? Managing a team of people is always a challenge, many different personalities mixing together under one roof, it can be fantastic or at times can give you a headache. Having children is not much different, I have three boys, and manage their expectations and behavior on a daily basis.

This is how I roll 🌯

Boo! Ghost Writing. When it comes to blogging, I'm a strong believer all authors should write their own content, (the only exception is when you are collaborating with another author). It seems to be a current trend for big corporations to use the face of an industry expert and behind the scenes a team of ghost writers.

You ain’t seen muffin yet 🎂

Never Mind Digital Disruption - What About Sport Disruption! Digital Disruption 'The change that occurs when new digital technologies and business models affect the value proposition of existing goods and services.' It's been a hot topic for a while now with plenty of businesses and individuals writing content about it, myself included, Five Digital Marketing Disruptions'

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