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3 simple ways to create animated video

Content is King and that king, well he likes his content in visual form

Wether that is video or interactive infographic, with 83% of us learn visually it's no wonder visual content is on the rise! So, embracing the visual, I looked at three simple ways to make free animated videos without the use of Apps. Powerpoint, and two online platforms, and Powtoon. These methods will make your life simple and easy when creating video.

There many, many fantastic online platforms and Apps which allow you to create videos for free. So I get that some of these options, you may think are a bit redundant, but using these three very simple methods you can try out something a bit different.


Yes you read that correctly, a Powerpoint presentation can be saved as a Video, then added to YouTube. It's an easy and inexpensive way to create animated videos. Your video doesn't have to be a cartoon, you can easily turn your presentations into Video as well.

We've all seen GIF files floating about on the internet, some are a bit silly, but others like the +American Apparel Sheer Nail Lacquer Campaign is a perfect example of combining social media and gif files. I’m a huge fan and used well they can be pretty cool., allowed me to upload images and turn them into either animated GIF files or a YouTube Video. and best of all there is no registration required. There is a simple control panel in, which enabled me to adjust the size and speed of each image.

The Power of Powtoon

I'm always on the look out for fantastic online tools to use in campaigns, (especially if they offer a free option), I've been dabbling with animation tools, and so far my top choice if PowToon. It's super cool and sooooo easy to use! There are two options, Presentations or Animated Videos, the presentations are like supercharged Powerpoints!

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