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Content Journey on Linkedin

I enjoy sharing on Linkedin and think it's a fantastic place to engage with my connections and group members. I'm always trying to think of different ways to share content which is a interesting and will catch people's eye.

83% of people learn visually

And using Visual Content is one way of doing this, 83% of people learn visually, so it's no wonder visual content is on the rise! Embracing the visual, I recently shared notes from an event I attended, I used the Status Update, then uploaded an photograph and then took advantage of Linkedin's cool option of @ mentioning.

Content Journey on LinkedIn, Claire M Roper

The Content

Here is the content I shared using "Upload a Photograph" and also the @ mentioning option, you can see HPS Group is highlighted blue, thtat's because I @ mentioned them.

@ Mentioning on LinkedIn

This is a cool option available on Linkedin, anyone you are connected with, LinkedIn will enable you to target the connection(s) in a status update, this is also available for any company on LinkedIn. How do you do it? Simply type @, a list of your connections will appear, select your connection and write your message. This will be shared with all your connections on LinkedIn as well as the targeted person/company receiving a notification you've mentioned them in a post.

Content Journey

At the time of posting this peice of content, I only had 364 connections (fairly low!), but within a few hours of sharing, I had potenitally reached 5,182 linkedin members.

How did I work this out?

365 Connections, 4 Shares, They have a total of 1753 connections, Now my potential Customer Reach is 2118, Of those original four connections, eight of their connections liked or commented on the content, They have a total of 3083 connections, Bringing my potential customer reach to 5201.

I hope you enjoy sharing your content!

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