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Virtual reality and the future of social media

Yesterday I stumbled across an article about Virtual Reality. This technology is huge, and the role it plays in gaming has turned it into a multi million pound industry. this industry is using the technology to completely emurse their audience in a gaming reality. And as the technology improves the use for VR will increase dramatically.

Maya Christova, Director at 3DENTITY, is taking Virtual Reality technology and creating a very exciting business in the property and building industry.

I recently had a go using the tech, and I must say it was the coolest experience. Sitting in a restaurant catching up over dinner, I was transported to a recently refurbished sleek and modern inner city London apartment.

I was able to explore the entire apartment and genuinely get a sense of walking around the property. The use for this technology in the property industry is so exciting, the possibilities are almost endless. Mya is very passionate about Virtual Reality and listening to her explain the potential future for this Technology has inspired me to think about Social Media and Virtual Reality and what could be possible.

Virtually Social Future?

Will we be able to log into our social accounts and be fully immersed in a 'Facebook' room, exploring our friends photos and videos with a true Virtual Reality experience. Perhaps we can meet and talk to our friends while in a VR reality, sharing stories, experiences, videos and photographs. It's a really exciting technology and has made so many advances in many different industries. Watch this space, the VR future is here, but it's only going to get more advanced and let's face, much cooler!

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