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Doh! Web design mistakes...

My friend Zac Thorne from Milk It Design published a blog on Firepole Marketing, 16 design mistakes that make users bounce from your website - and how to fix them. This area causes a lot of confusion for people, you try your hardest to ensure your website has all the tricks and latest add on's, but sometimes it's the simple things that can ensure your website is up to scratch.

Zac's blog entry outlines these design mistakes and I'm definitely guilty of a couple of goofball mistakes! And I made couple of adjustments to my website.

Mistake #9: your site looks pitiful on smartphones and Tablets:

As Zac clearly states and to be honest I already new, the rise in the use of mobile devices has increased and I've ensured my website reflects this by using a platform which is responsive,

Zac has written a great blog with some really helpful advice and tips, take 10 minutes out to read through the 16 design mistakes, by making a few changes could improve your website hits dramatically!


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