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How to be an Anonymous Linkedin User

Have you ever wondered how you can hide your Linkedin profile and become that Anonymous Linkedin User, handy when your 'researching' customers or colleagues. It's much easier that you think, infact, it's so super easy to do you'll wonder why you hadn't done it before! There are three options for you to choose from, your full profile name, job title and company or totally Anonymous.

You can change these has often as you like, although when you are in "Anonymous Mode" you won't be able to view your personal analytics, who's viewed your profile etc, you'll need to to change back to full profile view.

Step 1 - Select Privacy & Settings, you may be redirected to the login page.

Step 2 - Click the Privacy Tab, then select Profile Viewing Options.

Step 3 - Choose your profile setting

Note: Updated 18 June 2017 to reflect the new Linkedin Layout.


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