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Quackers for Quackit

When I first started taking an interest in HTML I needed to find a tool which would help me understand the basics, but was also free to use! That's when I stumbled across Quackit teaches beginners how to create websites. They start with step by step instructions and cover the basics such as HTML and CSS. There are also more advanced topics allowing you to add some cool features to your website. One of Quackit's HTML features I find particularly useful and use all the time is the HTML Table generator.

HTML Generator

By simply selecting my criteria, clicking generate and copying and pasting into my website or blog page I have a ready made table without having to write any code!

The acronym HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language - the primary markup language used to write content on the Web. Every single Web page on the Internet has at least some HTML markup included in its source code.

I highly recommend using Quackit - they make HTML coding so simple and easy to use! Get creative and let your imagination flow.


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