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1 conference + LinkedIn = a phone call

September 4, 2017

About a week ago I liked an article on LinkedIn, which was written by one of my connections, Eugene McCormick from Passle.


In fact, I actually shared the article (below) via WhatsApp with my colleague. A few days ago we had been discussing the merits of thought leadership, customer engagement and the sales lifecycle. 1/2 of key decision-makers spend at least 1 hour per week viewing your content: What do they want to read?  Eugene McCormick | 18 Aug 2017



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The statistic which stood out the most in Eugene's post


"35% of C-Suite Execs decided NOT to award a piece of business to a company because of what they read online / poor thought leadership."  - TWEET THIS STAT



Eugenes's post summed up exactly what we had been discussing, thought leadership is an essential part of any businesses marketing plan, but needs to be focused on trends, thought leadership and insight from industry leaders, not focused on pushing your businesses product or services. 



Ring, Ring 


A week after liking the article, I received a call from Eugene, it was a little out of the blue, but still cool. We had met at a conference a year ago, and chatted about social media and content creation. He phoned to say he had noticed I had engaged with his post on LinkedIn and had recently changed jobs and thought he would reach out.



I think this is a fab way of interacting with your connections, and as we had already previously met, he took the initiative and gave me a call. 



Snaps to Eugene


This was a great way of using social media to engage with your existing connection base. There definitely has to be a few best practice guidelines around this approach, but Eugene had that covered:

  1. We had previously met

  2. We share similar interests

  3. I had recently engaged with his article

  4. He used my LinkedIn details to contact me


Once again we happily chatted about digital marketing and of course our favourite topic, thought leadership! 


It was great to reconnect with Eugene, and thanks to his inventive way of reaching out, I'll be taking a leaf out of his book and reconnecting with my existing connection base, because what else is LinkedIn for, if not too connect! 


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