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Sexist, Racist or Homophobic Marketing Tactics...would you do it?

Edgy? Pushing Boundaries?

Marketing departments have been creating 'catchphrases' and 'slogans' for years. But how far would you go? Would you work for a company where the business model is to create sexist, homophobic and racist advertising material?

Wicked Campers, an Australian camper van rental company, with outlets across New Zealand, United Kingdom, North America, South Africa and South America, are no stranger to controversial slogans. They have been using offensive slogans on their vehicles for years.

Sexist, Racist or Homophobic Marketing Tactics...would you do it? Claire M Roper

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Online and Offline Campaigns

There have been many campaigns against Wicked Campers, and currently three New Zealand Ministers are leading the charge against Wicked Campers. Minister for Women Louise Upston, Conservation Minister Maggie Barry and Associate Tourism Minister Paula Bennett.

John Key (Former Prime Minister of New Zealand) voiced his opinion on Wicked Campers, saying in a radio interview in March 2016 :

"There's quite a big difference between humour and being over the line"

The Company owners of Wicked Campers don't often comment on their controversial slogans, but back in 2015 they released the following statement:

"We employed a team of highly-intelligent, socially-conscious super monkeys to closely monitor the subject matter featured on our vehicles and scream loudly when offended. This initiative had been code-named Moral Monkey Squad. Moral Monkey Squad are dedicated to satisfying the whims and wishes of the humour-inept, self-righteous moral majority while wearing little monkey tuxedos and funny hats"